August 20, 2017

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Streamline your event and classroom sessions with a custom registration system.

Event or Classroom Registration

KDG has developed a state of the art online event and classroom registration program. This robust tool helps training personnel manage customers or employees and their enrollments, add topics, locations and faculty, and create courses or events.

Summary of Program Function and Features

As the administrator, you can select a registered learner, view and edit their profile, see what events they are enrolled in, sign them up for a new event, confirm, cancel or move them to a different event, and see if they have completed any prerequisite activities.

Email notification is automatically generated whenever a learners status changes. You can also designate who should be cc-ed such as the learner's manager, the event planner or the faculty. You have the ability to customize each email and include any attachments such as directions to the event, an agenda or the Certificate of Completion. Once a Certificate of Completion is issued, it is always available to resend if needed.

Utilizing drop down menus to create a new event, a unique Code is generated based on the Topic, Start Date and Airport/Location selected. During event creation, a Maximum Enrollment value is entered. This assures that the number of attendees does not exceed the location size. After the maximum enrollment number is met, the registration tool will not allow more learners to be signed up. The tool will allow learners to be put on wait lists or be moved to another event. This provides for an easy way for the event planner to maximize attendance. Simply select an event to see the master list of all learners wanting to attend the event on any date, signed up for the specific event but pending until they complete the prerequisites, on the wait list, confirmed, attended, and any no shows.

The registration tool also supports a blended learning approach. Once a learner is signed up for a specific event, all prerequisites must be completed before the learner is approved to attend. Prerequisites can be as simple as verifying your learner profile or an actual online course covering fundamental information important to know before attending the event.

After the event the learner is marked as either Attended or a No Show. If there were any scores given during the event they would be added into the registration tool at this time.

The registration tool also filters what information is displayed for each user name and password. For example, Administrators have access to all data; Area Managers would only see their Region Managers, Territory Mangers, Sales Reps and customers; Region Managers would only see their Territory Managers, Sales Reps and customers; Territory Managers would only see their Sales Reps and customers; and Sales Reps would only see their own information and their customers.

The filter extends to who is allowed to be signed up for a specific event. If a customer lives in New York, you don't want to have to pay for travel to an event being held in Hawaii. Managers and Sales Reps only see events in their area. Administrators do have the ability to over ride this filter in case the New York customer happens to be in Hawaii on vacation and would like to attend an event.

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