August 20, 2017

Marketing & Communications

Learning portals deliver significant benefits by leveraging your knowledge capital.

Customer Education Portal

Over the years, KDG InterActive has seen the evolution of organizational learning with its adoption of technology driven learning technologies. Many organizations have invested in online learning that primarily focuses on the employee. KDG has been supporting an evolutionary trend where corporate marketing is seeing tremendous value to adopt training technologies in support of efforts to educate its client. Companies that provide more complex or technical services and products, particularly have the need to educate its audience on the best and proper use and ongoing use of its products and-or services.

A microsite, or as we refer to, a customer-centric education portal, is an extension of your existing website presence and brand and provides focused support to your clients that have invested in your products and-or services through-out the whole life cycle.

The benefits of this type of portal increases customer loyalty and retention. Customers who visit your customer-centric education portal are much more likely to be satisfied with the purchase of your product and-or service and more likely to tell others about their experience. This all points to building a stronger brand, growing existing customers and attracting new customers.

Features with a customer-centric education portal can include:

  • Product overview, interactive instructions for use
  • Program tracking and certification
  • Decision support tools
  • A library and document management resource for documents and guides
  • Community collaboration that gives users a way to interact with and learn from each other
  • Live webinars hosted by education specialists
  • Access the services of the organization's customer help and support desk
  • Mobile access via an iPad or smartphone
  • Customer portal site usage tracking

If you are considering launching a newly minted customer education portal or looking to enhance your existing customer portal and take it to the next level, contact KDG to get our thinking as we can share our depth and experience. Contact us today to receive a risk-free initial needs assessment and consultation to help you get a better handle on your future customer education strategies.

  • Customer Education Portal
  • Customer Education Portal
  • Customer Education Portal
  • Customer Education Portal