August 20, 2017

Learning & Development

Learning portals have a lot of functionality and can deliver significant benefits by harnessing and leveraging your knowledge capital.

Learning Portal

Over the years, KDG InterActive has seen the evolution of organizational learning with its adoption of technology driven learning technologies. Many organizations have invested in learning management systems (LMS) and web-based courseware along side the classroom. As KDG continues to work heavily in this market space, our customers, who are oftentimes the learning and development group within an organization, wrestle with how to plan, implement and migrate training initiatives in an efficient and strategic direction. Whether the need may be for new employee orientation, sales training or customer education, the goal of a well formed learning & development strategy is to help learners channel knowledge into ideas and use those ideas to create business solutions, solve problems and gain a competitive advantage.

In the pursuit of a more holistic training and/or education strategy, KDG supports our customers within the planning and development of their learning portal. Our definition of a learning portal is simply a virtual environment set up by an organization to give learners access to knowledge. A learning portal offers 24/7 accessibility, convenience and flexibility, cost effectiveness, customization, user-centric learning, and centralized management of knowledge.

With many modes of training and delivery, we first begin to evaluate and understand your intended audience and their learning behaviors and what will be acceptable for them. With the advent of new learning paradigms, the 'definition' of a learning portal continues to evolve.

When considering the development of your learning portal, we plan with you to determine what modes of learning will be most effective for your intended audience. Oftentimes a phased implementation approach is used based on audience needs, resources and investment. The 'tools' of a learning portal can include:

  • Learning management system (LMS) tracks learning content or courses the user is taking and his progress. The learning management system ties all other e-learning components together. The LMS is the infrastructure or framework used to track, support, manage, and measure e-learning activities. An LMS helps you manage and measure the entire learning process, including managing computer-based training (CBT), Web-based training (WBT), document-based training, instructor-led training, and blended training methods.
  • A library and document management resource for knowledge sharing source that lets learners access knowledge on many topics.
  • Community collaboration that gives users a way to interact with and learn from each other.
  • Access all the services of the organization's training and development department.

If you are considering launching a newly minted learning portal or looking to enhance your existing learning portal and take it to the next level, contact KDG to get our thinking as we can share depth and experience. We also have the experience to stage and implement an effective learning portal. Contact us today to receive a risk-free initial needs assessment and consultation to help you get a better handle on your future training and education strategies.

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