August 20, 2017

Learning & Development

Game-based learning offers compelling interactivity that equates to higher levels of learner motivation.

Game-Based Learning

KDG has the experience and skills to provide your organization with quality game-based learning. This approach offers compelling interactivity that equates to higher levels of learner motivation, engagement and retention when compared to more traditional means of instruction.

Game-based learning has much in common with simulations. One primary difference is that a game doesn't necessarily reflect a real-world situation. Games for learning may use a popular TV game show format or board game approach that conveys factual knowledge but doesn't necessarily reflect a real world situation as a simulation would. Then there is also a hybrid of sorts, simulation with an element of game play, sometimes referred to as serious gaming.

KDG uniquely focuses on utilizing interactivity and multimedia to create game-based learning that in a fundamental way helps educate, inform and inspire the learner. Our strong interest in game development enables us to conceptualize fun entertaining games or serious games that provide a rich learning experience. Your organization can reap various important benefits with game-based learning for your employees and customers and most importantly, your organization.

Benefits in online and mobile environment

  • Self knowledge check and validation of comprehension; can be scored and tracked
  • Community building, sharing in an online portal environment; multiplayer game can be implemented to create friendly competition

Benefits for classroom

  • Knowledge check and validation of comprehension
  • Team building, collaboration and ice breaking
  • Training Aids to reinforce comprehension

Games for learning can be integrated within your training and education initiatives in various strategic ways. Based on our experience, these proven strategies include -

  • prerequisite for classroom training
  • classroom setting
  • mastery challenge within a web-based training course module
  • job aid reinforcement
  • innovative marketing and education approach for customers

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  • Game-Based Learning
  • Game-Based Learning
  • Game-Based Learning
  • Game-Based Learning