August 20, 2017

Learning & Development

Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I might remember. Involve me and I'll understand.

Custom E-Learning & Online Education

KDG offers integrated e-learning that becomes an important driver of your overall corporate training initiatives. We offer effective custom e-learning that utilizes interactivity and multimedia to create a learning experience that, in a fundamental way, helps educate, inform and oftentimes inspire. We design and develop rich e-learning and education experiences to bring the full power of learning to the end user. We refer to this as 'learning by doing'. Our philosophy behind learning by doing is:

Tell me and I will forget

Show me and I might remember

Involve me and I'll understand

We firmly believe that well-developed instructional design coupled with creative and imaginative interactivity results in richer user experiences. Individual learners will gain a much deeper understanding and higher retention of information through the use of interactive technologies.

Our approach to enterprise learning starts with identifying and thoroughly understanding your business goals and learning objectives. From there we develop the right strategic plan that integrates instructional design tailored to your specific needs. All along the way, we approach planning and development with a 'doing more with less' philosophy, meeting and oftentimes exceeding your Learning & Development goals.

We can support your business in the areas of:

  • Sales Force Training
  • Customer Service Training
  • Product Knowledge Training
  • Compliance and Certification
  • Teamwork
  • Employee Retention and Development
  • Leadership and Management

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  • custom learning
  • custom learning
  • custom learning