August 20, 2017

Learning & Development

Savvy companies are harnessing the power of online and social media e-learning while still acknowledging the need for face-to-face interaction through blended learning.

Blended Learning

Have you ever attended a course or workshop where the first half of the program is spent bringing a handful of people up to speed? You probably thought you should have stayed home and had that extra cup of coffee instead of wasting time reviewing information you already knew.

A blended learning approach can not only solve this problem, it also maximizes the learning experience for all attendees, making the experience more efficient and effective. The first step is to create and assign pre-work so all attendees have the same base knowledge and understanding of the material that is to be presented. This is most often an online course that can be completed whenever it's convenient for the attendee.

The second step is the live event. The attendees need to be told what the objectives are, shown the key principles and concepts, and then allowed to try applying the concepts themselves. The event usually ends with an assessment.

Finally, additional online support documents or programs, mentor or manager support and a collaborative message board, blog or social website would ideally be made available to the attendees. This provides continued support and learning opportunities.

KDG has been supporting blended learning for over a decade. From developing online pre-work courses (often delivered in an LMS), to live presentation material, KDG will work with you to discover the best solutions for your specific need.

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