August 20, 2017

About Us

Know more, Do more, Grow more for your organization.

Our Process

With twenty years of experience, we have learned that all successful custom interactive solutions start with a well laid-out plan. To illustrate, a construction company would not build your dream-home unless they had a detailed blueprint and specifications from a competent architect. Similarly, KDG will not create a solution until we fully understand your business process and market, and have worked with you to identify your technology needs. Only then can we prescribe a strategic plan that is tailored for you.

Strategy Methodology

Our first step is a Discovery Session. During this meeting, we focus on the big picture of where your company stands now, where you want to take it - and how technology can play a role.

Depending on the outcome of this session, we may decide that a deeper, more extensive examination of your business is warranted. Our Discovery Audit is designed to examine the overall effectiveness of your marketing mix, and integrate both online and traditional marketing and training efforts for optimum success. We'll discuss a variety of sales optimization tools, e-learning strategies, and customer relationship techniques that will help you increase your level of success. We will then deliver a report of our findings.

Development Methodology

After a complete strategy and planning process will we then begin the development of your project. KDG adheres to a comprehensive project development and management process, keeping it on course, on time and on budget.

Once your program is deployed, we will continue to help monitor, evaluate its impact, and measure return on investment to insure positive business results.