August 20, 2017

About Us

KDG InterActive can help you to better leverage your "Knowledge Capital".

What we do

KDG InterActive offers your organization technology driven marketing, communications and learning solutions. We combine strategy, creative media and technology to deliver proven business results. Built upon almost 20 years of experience, KDG continues to serve businesses that range from start-ups to Fortune 500s. We work with your corporate managers, executives and team players to improve performance and workforce effectiveness.

Our strategy is to "do more with less" by leveraging your existing technology investments to improve your business capabilities.

How we do it

We achieve this through 'collaborative ROI'. This results oriented process integrates strategic technology solutions that reduce your risk and improve your business by:

  • Building interactive brands and/or communities
  • Conveying sales & marketing messages
  • Optimizing corporate training & internal performance
  • Streamlining communications & business process
  • Developing new revenue streams through new products & services

Review our strategic planning and development process to learn more...

Who we have served

Founded in 1991, KDG has assisted those including Medtronic, Best Buy, St. Jude Medical, and Comcast in exploring new and leveraging their existing technologies.

Our experience

KDG is an award-winning marketing, communications and training firm that has been recognized as a major player in our industry. Our typical personnel have on average 10-15 years of experience and many of us are industry veterans exceeding 20 years. All are seasoned experts with skills in marketing, communications and training. Also, many in our group are pioneers within the interactive multimedia communications industry with a specialty in interactive marketing and e-learning.