August 20, 2017


Read about some of our most recent projects.

5th Grade Social Studies

KDG supported Alberta Education by developing an interactive and multimedia rich online DLR. This DLR helps impart a deeper understanding and appreciation of how to build a museum exhibit and the people who make this happen. Combining virtual 3D environments and multimedia, the student as an avatar will visit a curator, an historian and an archivist, learning how each contribute to building an exhibit.

Corporate Training

KDG developed a Global Quality Training Program for a large medical device company. This program covered the steps taken and the knowledge needed to ensure that quality products are produced. Every employee is required to take this training so it was designed to be easily translated. All text including page titles, button labels, audio transcript, and quiz questions was pulled into the program from an external text file. This text file was translated into 12 additional languages. By simply replacing this one file, the program was translated.

Aquarium Kiosk

KDG developed several kiosks for the grand opening of Great Lakes Aquarium. One of these kiosks, the 'Submersible', was in need of some updates. The kiosk was a network of Macintosh computers with multiple monitors that displayed different, synced content. One computer was a touch screen and the other used a trackball. GLA desired to migrate the kiosk to a PC and replace the trackball with a touch screen. Advances in technology made the migration possible. KDG first reprogrammed the kiosk in Flash, allowing GLA more flexibility to use some of the kiosk on their website. Then KDG replaced the multiple Macintosh computers with a single PC, still using multiple monitors to display unique content. This kiosk continues to be a favorite among visitors.

Online Education Portals

KDG collaborated with several large medical device companies to develop training programs from the ground up. To begin we developed written workbooks covering the appropriate anatomy, physiology and product information. Once approved by the legal department, these workbooks were developed for online deployment and accessed by multiple audiences. By developing an online education portal and utilizing user names and passwords, customers and employees can log in and access the training material appropriate for them. The material available include annual compliance courses, pre-requisite training for live events, product simulations, and a full document library. The portal also has information on available workshops or classroom events.